Volunteer Opportunities

This is GENERAL INFO from previos years. We have not yet started taking volunteer applications for 2015. Sorry for any confusion.

Twelve hours of volunteer work will earn you a festival weekend pass (all 4 days!) plus access to our fabulous Hospitality Room where you may eat meals and snack till your tummy is happy. You may work your volunteer shifts any time between Thursday and Sunday.

PLEASE NOTE: Walk up volunteers - those people who already have purchased a ticket but volunteer after they arrive at the festival – DO NOT get a refund.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Artist Ambassador - works under the direction of the Festival Office Manager to greet artists and assist them throughout the weekend. May require some lifting. Must be a very nice, quiet, MacGyver-type capable person.

Backstage Crew - works backstage to assist artists prior to and after their performances. You will also assist the stage crew when necessary and will work with the stage manager to keep things on time. Must be quiet, congenial and very resourceful.

Door Person - checks wristbands at the door and makes sure everyone who enters a concert or dance venue has an official wristband. Must be personable and attentive...and not color-blind.

Festival Office - works in the festival office to check in bands, sponsors, vendors and guests. Must be unflappable and pleasant at all times. Ability to be simultaneously firm and polite is a plus.

Festival Store - Works under the direction of the Wintergrass store manager and Post-Industrial Press team to assist with sales and product management at the Wintergrass store. Ability to work quickly, smile and be very, very nice a big plus.

Floater - Willing to do anything, anytime.

Hospitality - works under the direction of the Hospitality Team managers to prepare and serve food and drink in the festival Hospitality room. Food Handlers permit Required!

House Management - works under the direction of the Festival House Manager to maintain safety and comfort in all festival venues. Crowd control skills and attentiveness highly valued.

Information - works at the Festival Information desk to answer questions about schedule, dining, shopping, lost and found, etc. Knowledge of local area a plus. Knowledge of festival schedule and venue required. Think of yourself as Siri with a face.

Instrument Check - works under the direction of the Instrument Check manager to store instruments. Lifting definitely involved. While lust after instruments is acceptable, unassailable honesty and resistance to temptation is required. Plus a pint of blood, just in case. (not really, but just sayin')

Kids Activities - work to maintain quiet, safe atmosphere in the Kids Room. Read books, do simple crafts, sing songs, or just be quiet and kind.

Lighting Crew - work the light board at various festival venues. Knowledge of lighting nice, but not required.

Production Crew - responsible for transporting and setting up festival equipment including stages, grid walls, equipment and anything that requires tools and a strong back.

Registration - check in ticket holders and sell tickets. You are the first experience of Wintergrass for every person who attends. You must be friendly, clean, helpful and able to work under pressure.

Stage Crew - works under the direction of the Sound company to assist with mic, monitor and gear placement. Some lifting and ability to move quickly is required.

Volunteer Office - work in the busy volunteer office checking in volunteers, stuffing nametag holders, generally do what is needed. Usually no heavy lifting involved.

Workshop Management - work with Workshop Managers to maintain crowd and access control and to meet the needs of workshop instructors (water, copies, stools, etc)

Youth Education - works under the direction of the Wintergrass Education Director to provide assistance with the Youth Academy, Pintgrass and Youth Orchestra programs.